Monday, February 24, 2014

Despotic Socialism

The Socialist Democrats have it right, there are two Americas.  The America that works and the America that doesn’t.   The America that contributes and the America that doesn’t.  It’s not the simpleton Alinskyite drivel of the “haves” verses the “have nots,” it’s the accomplished verses the unaccomplished.   The simple truth is there are Americans who do their duty, obey the law, support themselves, contribute to society, and others who don’t.  That’s the divide in America.   It’s not about income inequality, at all, it’s about civic irresponsibility.
It’s about a political party incessantly preaching hatred, greed and victimization in order to win elective office.  It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its country.  It’s about a party that has now taken to employing the apparatus of the State (government) to do its bidding and we have allowed it!
That’s not an invective, it’s the truth, and it’s about time someone said it.
The politics of envy was on display when the sitting Socialist-of-the-Chair (SOTC) pledged the rest of his term would be dedicated to fighting “income inequality.”  He and his administrative State have noted some people make more than others, some people have higher incomes than others, and he says that’s unjust.  This is the rationale for thievery it is the rationale of all Socialists.   The other guy has it, you want it and the SOTC will steal it for you using the auspices of the State to take it.  Vote Democrat (socialism).  Who said the syndicate was dead?
This is the same philosophy that produced Detroit and all the other islands of socialism dotting the landscape from Boston to Los Angeles from Miami to Seattle.  It is a philosophy that is methodically transforming the nation while destroying the political and economic foundations of this country.  The liberty-based systems that once defined this great nation and made it exceptional are slowly but systematically disappearing because ‘We the People’ are allowing it.
It is an electoral philosophy that is destroying America.  It is an electoral philosophy that surreptitiously laundries (redistributes) taxpayer’s dollars through legislative actions that selectively fund groups and programs in the name of compassion and other rationalizations.  It is an electoral philosophy whose purpose is anything but compassion – the real purpose of this philosophy is the acquisition, maintenance, consolidation and extension of political power with the ultimate aim of establishing a one-party State in America.  It is an electoral philosophy that attempts to purposely deceive the American people by manipulating them toward a fundamental deviation from American values and common sense.  It is an electoral philosophy that does not benefit those it says it will but betrays both the nation and the people as a whole.
Socialist Democrats have not empowered their followers; they have enslaved them to a culture of dependence and entitlement, of victimhood and anger instead of ability and hope.  By making them dependent they have established themselves as the despotic ruling class who benefits most, all the while, using the “masses” as little more than a means.
The SOTC’s premise – is little more than a repackaging of a tired old philosophy, as old as time itself and always part of the despots drive to consolidate power unto himself or his party (faction).  It is the trite socialist (statist) argument that you reduce income inequality by debasing the successful.  What happens is that socialist tyranny and control seeks to deny both the successful and the unsuccessful the consequences of their choices (actions and ideas).
The socialists does not understand basic economics 101: income variations are the direct result of the choices we all make and the efforts we put into our actions that lead to different consequences or outcomes.  It is human actions that produce different outcomes.
For example, in a liberty-base system, those who choose wisely and responsibility have a far greater likelihood of success, than those who choose foolishly and irresponsibly.  Success and failure generally manifest themselves in personal and family income.   If one chooses to drop out of high school or to skip college, then they are more apt to have a different outcome than someone who gets a diploma and pushes on with purposeful education.   If one chooses to have children out of wedlock, then life is apt to take another course for both the person making the choice and, unfortunately, for their children.  Generally speaking if one chooses to have their children within the frame work of the little platoon (marriage) then life is apt to take another course for the person making that choice and their’ children.
The station one obtains in life is directly determined by the decisions made along the way.  It is important for people to understand the relationship between effort and reward (outcome).  For example within a liberty-based system, a doctor (professional) makes far more than the average Joe.  That is, there is income inequality between the doctor and the average Joe based on the effort each individual put into their profession or job.  An inequality of outcome is reflective of an inequality of effort.  While the doctor went to college and devoted his young adulthood to medical school and residency, the average Joe might be satisfied to have worked in a warehouse.  The doctor made a choice, the person going to work in a warehouse made a choice, and it is this choice leading to different outcomes.  The doctor’s outcome (reward) pays a lot better than the warehouseman’s outcome and there is nothing wrong with the choice made by either of these individuals.  The reward-effort catallactics define a true market place.
Are we to begrudge the doctor for his choices?  Did the doctor cheat to arrive at his/her level of reward and is it right for the sitting SOTC and his comrades to take away (steal) his wealth?  Is it the job of the State to isolate, smear, vilify and then destroy the doctor because of his human actions?
In a liberty-based system, the answer is absolutely NOT!  In a free society, it is the choices we make combined with our effort that ultimately define the reward (outcome) we earn and enjoy.
But it is not inequality that the sitting SOTC and his faction intends to take away, it is the liberty-based systems gifted to us from our forefathers and mothers.  These systems were paid for by our ancestors and it is they who made the America we grew up in possible, not the socialist.  We enjoy freedom and the remaining vestiges of liberty-based systems because our parents stood up, fought and earned it for themselves and they passed them on to us for safe keeping and protection.
Given the current situation, ‘We the People’ apparently do not want to uphold, defend and earn that same America for our children.  I say that because apparently we suffer from a lack of conviction, as a people, we are willing to allow the long march into a thousand years of darkness to commence on our watch without so much as a word or a whimper.  We sit back as we watch with our own eyes a tyrant, a thug socialist and his party of thugs deliberately stifle and destroy our nation and its liberty-based systems.
We have apparently lost our convictions and if that is true then we are, indeed, condemning our progeny to that long march into the darkness.  In effect, we are betraying our ancestors, our heritage and all they fought and gifted to us.  Worst of all, we are betraying our legacy, our children and children’s children.  With our lack of effort politically and economically, we are condemning them to a despotic socialist State rather than the liberty-based systems they deserve.
In America, we have always had the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail; but apparently, we have chosen failure as the preferred option.
The pursuit of happiness (i.e., freedom to choice and act) means nothing in the face of State-based coercion and compulsion.  The heavy hand of the State destroys not only freedom but choice and ultimately any form of happiness in society.  The man who sits at home drawing a check from the State is equally as “happy,” perhaps more so, as the engineer who is paying 60 percent of his income to some form of government (local, state and federal) to fund the man sitting at home doing nothing.
The socialist Democrat who preaches equality of outcome as a right demonstrates his/her total and complete ignorance of the relationship between effort and reward and the liberty-based systems that makes this catallactic possible.  And in their ignorance, they have sought to manipulate the masses into believing this ignorance (using envy) and convincing the masses to follow them down the path to ruination and socialist poverty, for that is where all socialist schemes end up.  Socialism is the darkest of philosophies leaving in its wake a tradition of death, destruction and poverty.  Its rudiments flow directly from the desire for totalitarian control by the State over the individual - be it monarchic or socialistic in nature.
Unfortunately, the nation has forgotten the sowing principle, “you reap what you sow, more than you sow and later than you sow.”
The socialists or statists has always sought to destroy that principle through vain deceits (lies) using legislative mechanisms and the promises of a future utopia.  In the United States of America, they have been trying systematically to destroy the successful for over a century through the electoral philosophy of socialism by relentlessly empowering the punishing hand of the State.  They have destroyed the relationship between effort and reward, they have worn down the convictions of a majority of Americas and the nation’s obedience to the sowing principle is all but forgotten.  In its place, we have the new godhead of the State where entitlement has replaced effort, confusion has replaced conviction and socialism has destroyed the principle of sowing and reaping.
The SOTC and his party have waged a highly successful war against the nation, its people and the liberty-based systems gifted to us.  They seek to make American just another outpost of despotism where the State can be used as the despots see fit, openly punishing the successful and productive to foster some utopian mythology under the rubric of “equality” and their “visionary leadership.”
The SOTC and his party keep telling us there are two Americas and they are correct because they have fostered this segregation, just like their predecessors and “Democrat” brethren - the Ku Klux Klan, fascists, syndicalists and communists.  They have successfully employed the apparatus of the State to seize power and now they are using it as a means of perpetuating themselves in power and at the same time create the disparity they so conveniently exploit.  The government of the United States is being administered by political gangsters and bullies.  The government under this regime is the most corrupt institution on the face of the earth.
At present, the government of the United States systematically and purposely employs tax dollars taken from the productive (givers) to purchase the votes of the takers.  ‘We the people’ are not divided by the differences in our outcomes or incomes, we are divided by a corrupt government and ruling class who are engaged in marketing (propagandizing) a false philosophy of despotic socialism through deceitful means with the purpose of destroying liberty-based systems while installing their state-based (socialist) systems.  Understand, this is a government (Administrative State) under the administration of an avoid Alinskyite socialist and socialist party.
In a liberty-based system people are honestly divided by the difference in their efforts and choices within the market; in a state-based system the masses are arbitrarily divided based on the decisions of some deceitful despot and the bureaucrats loyal to him or the State.  It is a travesty, no a tragedy, for the government of the United States to be used in an effort to market (propagandize) and implementation a false philosophy which maintains that one man’s success is the direct result of the victimization of another.  It is pure ignorance, it is pure socialism and it is un-American.
What the SOTC and his party offer is not a solution at all; what they seek is a means to carry out and implement a wholesale discrimination sanctioned through (or under the cover of) some “legislative” action.  They seek the authoritarian power to openly discriminate against one group while rewarding another.  They seek the power to arbitrarily apply the law as they see fit, they do not want to be hindered by some antiquated document - like the Constitution - or held accountable by another faction they disagree with.  They seek totalitarian control so they may steal (confiscate) from one group and give it to another in order to purchase votes.  They do not seek a democratic solution, far from it; for what they truly seek is “their solution.”  Their solution is absolute political power.
The SOTC as a community organizers and agitator is doing his job - he is fomenting division, strife and confusion so he and his minions can more easily bring about more confusion and a further fragmentation of the society pitting Americans against each another for the socialist's own aggrandizement.   This fragmentation allows them to buy off (pick off) different groups in their drive to consolidate power.  This is what the SOTC and his minions offer the nation – a totalitarian vision of order.  What is most frightening is that they are now in control of the levers of State power.
The great deception is that the utopian promises they espouse are pure mythology, what they seek – is the Marxist class warfare that empowers their despotic leader (dictatorship), despotic administrators (ruling class) and their miserable despotic party.
Two Americas?  Absolutely, it is a reality, it is a reality because ‘We the People’ have allowed it to happen, we have allowed our nation to be overrun by the enemy, and yes they are our enemy, and they (this socialist faction) have managed to get elected and re-elected (consolidate their power) based on these failed promises of utopianism because they are constantly engaged in an unrelenting campaign of blaming the failure of these programs and schemes on liberty-based systems and individuals.  These campaigns are designed to wear down the people by producing frustration with the “polarization” in Washington or division among the people.  If only they (the socialists) did not have to deal with this uninformed, backward faction of people who actually believe in the Bible and the Constitution, all would be utopia, all would work seamlessly.
The question becomes, have we gone too far?  That is, have we Americans lost our will and our conviction to uphold, defend and gift to our children and our children’s children the liberty-based, God-centered systems gifted to us?  Or are we simply going to fold our tents and join the long march into the darkness in a total betrayal of our past and a condemnation of our progeny? 

The end

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and ideas are those of the Southern Agrarian and do not represent those of any other organization. I usually think about this stuff when I am plowing, planting, harvesting, hedging, praying (yes infidel - God speaks to me like he will to you, if only you will let him in your heart), or suffering from a lack of sleep. ...torture me, kill me but just don’t bore me with your left-wing tripe. Semper Fidelis.